The EKKOPOL boats

The most efficient pollution control vessel on the market

Is floating pollution on the coast an inevitability? Do you think that its collection should be simple and inexpensive?

At EKKOPOL, we believe that water bodies should receive the same attention as streets: regular and systematic cleaning. The boats used by EKKOPOL make this possible. It works day and night, without operator, for all types of pollution, with minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency.

Waste Cleaner 83

The Waste Cleaner 83 is a clean-up vessel used by Ekkopol. It is equipped with a unique and innovative technology for the collection of solid and liquid floating waste including hydrocarbons.

The pros


950m3 / hour


2000L of liquid waste

800kg of solid waste


2-19 knots



Efficient depollution 

With its 4 meter wide "mouth", the Waste Cleaner swallows everything! Plastics and all types of floating waste, hydrocarbons, jellyfish, plants, sewage, everything goes through it! With a suction capacity of 950m3 per hour, you can store about 2000 liters of liquid waste and 800kg of solid waste. 

With its dimensions of 8.80m long by 2.32m wide, this boat is transportable by road, so interventions are simple whatever the water surface. 

Technical specifications


Certified ship
Maximum speed
Sailing category

Bureau Veritas
Division 222
50/200 hp Outboard
6/19 knots
5 / 4


Road gauge
Closed cabin

2 700kg

Cleaning capabilities

Suction capacity
Liquid waste tank
Solid waste container
Cleaning speed
Cleaning width
Motor pump

950 m3/h
2 000L
2 knots
4 meters
45m3/h (option)

Multi-service vessel

Port service
cleaning of quays, boatage, transport of loads and personnel, recovery of grey/black water, sickle...

Innovative patented technology

Double flow technology, allowing to evacuate the clear water on one side and to store the water polluted by hydrocarbons and oils

All types of
of pollution

Collection of solid waste (including plastics), collection of liquid waste (hydrocarbon, sewage, black and grey water as an option) jellyfish and plants.

Innovative patented technology

aluminum manufacturing (98% recycled aluminum), strength and durability.

Easy to deploy

Quick set up:
In less than 30 seconds. Front door - Solid waste basket suction.

Crew safety:
Hydraulic controls by one person from the cab. 

Handling by a single lifting point.

Integrated pollution control system

Liquid waste collection:
Floating storage inside the ship. Unequalled storage capacity. No variation in trim and sinking. No impact on stability.

Solid waste collection:
Automatic filtration and recovery on deck. 


Suction when stopped more than 5m from the bow:
Between hulls, under pontoons, and inaccessible areas.

Suction on the move:
Suction in forward or reverse. 

An à la carte intervention


Intervention in 2 or 4 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Possible subscription to ensure the availability of nautical means and qualified personnel


Through hourly packages chosen according to the intensity of pollution and the size of the water bodies, Ekkopol intervenes on a regular basis to ensure constant depollution.

20, 40 or 80 hours per month.