Macro-waste collected

in 2023 with the DPOL fleet ® in operation

Customer ports

on the French coast and in 7 other countries

Depolluted hydrocarbons

in the Mediterranean


8 million tonnes of plastics and 300,000 tonnes of hydrocarbons discharged into the oceans every year

Oceans under stress:

  • Waste pollution: Cities, stormwater systems and rivers discharge their waste into the sea according to weather conditions and economic activities: the equivalent of 1 garbage truck per minute worldwide.
  • Hydrocarbon pollution: 300,000 t of hydrocarbons spilled into the sea every year. Yacht refuelling and bilge water emptying regularly cause dozens of oil spills of hydrocarbon pollution during the summer season.

Surgical masks become "artistic" by aggregating micro-plastics from the oceans....

The EKKOPOL solution

EKKOPOL can help you clean up your coastline, just like your land-based garbage collectors:

Cleaning up floating waste: plants, plastics, hydrocarbons Collecting garbage from boats at anchor

Hydrocarbon decontamination: site preparation, decontamination of the site, treatment of residues.

Our actions

Raising awareness

Organizing conferences, publishing articles, relaying information on pollution


Sharing data with scientific laboratories



Regular cleaning with industrial marine equipment




7 days a week

It's important to collect all this waste before it sails off. In addition to efforts on land (plastics substitution, recycling), ports and rivers need to be systematically cleaned.

State-of-the-art equipment

Pollution control boats

Ranging in size from 6 to 9 meters, the boats chosen by EKKOPOL are pollution clean-up vessels equipped with a unique and innovative patented technology for the collection of solid and liquid floating waste, including hydrocarbons.

The "Admiral" is powered by a 250hp engine, enabling it to reach a maximum speed of 19 knots. This means she can intervene quickly and safely, whatever the conditions.

Cleaning capacities :
Suction capacity: 950m3/h
Liquid waste tank: 2,000 L
Solid waste container: 800 kg
Cleaning speed: 2 knots
Cleaning width: 4 meters
Motor-driven pump: 45m3/h

DPOL ®, the must-have

The DPOL ® is a suction pump for floating waste, macro-waste and hydrocarbons designed and manufactured by Ekkopol in France.

Its operation is simple and efficient. It's low-maintenance, robust and, above all, the cheapest solution on the market.

Cleaning capacity :
Suction rate: 26m3/h
Waste storage: 150 L
Operation: Continuous, unmanned

Physical-Chemical Measurements

The coastline is a complicated area to study, as it is influenced by land, human activities and ocean currents. Using the latest generation of probes, EKKOPOL can provide real-time, a range of data on water quality and composition, including pH, salinity, dissolved O2, suspended matter, temperature, etc.


Oil spill response in ports and harbors requires the right equipment and regular training exercises to be able to react to the emergency of a spill.

Ekkopol offers a carefully selected range of equipment and training sessions for port crews.


The Jellyfishboat is a marine drone for recovering floating waste in inaccessible places: under pontoons, behind boats, at the bottom of creeks... With an autonomy of several hours and a range of up to one kilometer, this drone is the ideal complement for finishing off and cleaning up in the finest detail. hours and a range of up to a kilometer, this drone is the ideal complement for finishing touches and ensuring a clean-up down to the smallest detail.

The DJI aerial drone extends the observation zone by several nautical miles. With an autonomy of 20 minutes and a high-definition 4K camera, this drone can detect floating and grounded plastics, as well as oil slicks.

An à la carte service


Intervention in 1 hour or more
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Subscription possible to ensure availability of nautical resources and qualified personnel


Through hourly packages chosen according to the intensity of pollution and the size of the water bodies, Ekkopol intervenes on a regular basis to ensure constant depollution.

Pack 20h, 40h or 80h per month.

Our news

Here you'll find the latest news from Ekkopol and our popular science articles.

Let's be as committed to keeping our coastline clean as we are to keeping our sidewalks clean!

The founders

Sailors at the service of the oceans

While we all know about the climate crisis, too few of us understand the important role the oceans play in our daily lives. If the oceans are sick, so will the Earth, even more so.

We are dismayed by all the attacks on our seas.

We're thrilled by the fraternity and energy of the people behind the Oceans projects.

The urgency of the climate crisis demands "zero tolerance" for ocean pollution.



A DGA engineer, Eric spent 7 years at SHOM and 17 years in tech start-ups, either as founder, CFO or director.



A sailor by trade, Geoffroy commanded the oceanographic vessel Beautemps-Beaupré. He was CEO of an industrial SME for 7 years.

The team


Naval engineer

A recent graduate, he has just returned from a round-the-world sailing expedition. He was captain during the 20 months of sailing.



A sailor by trade, Thomas has sailed all the world's seas and has also worked in the boating industry.

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